Steven Saginor

Stevie Sammy, I am sure you know that your Hebrew name, Shlomo was given to you in honor of my father, who was also Shlomo, so that means you will always be very special to me because you carry my dad’s name. I regret you never met your namesake because you guys would have loved each other.

Life has many milestones, but a boy’s Bar Mitzvah day has to rank as one of the most memorable. Now we can reflect on your first 13 years and say bravo. Stevie Boy! We are so proud of you! Well done!

A great pleasure for grandmas and grandpas is seeing joy in the faces of their grandchildren, and we see not only your happiness and how you enjoyed your Bar Mitzvah celebration, but we see more. We see a kind, caring, compassionate, sensitive young man. You are well organized, always applying a full and dedicated work effort to your tasks, whether it is your school studies or even assembling a complicated Lego project; only a very focused and intelligent mind could have put all those little interlocking blocks together to become an awesome model of The Statue of Liberty, worthy of the acclaim and accolades by all who have seen it.

Steven, your mom told me this tender little story about you that happened when you were just a baby. She was lovingly patting her little boy on the back to soothe and comfort him and all of a sudden, to your mom’s surprise, you put your tiny arm on her back and patted also. You may be amazed to hear this about yourself, but I notice when I am hugging you and patting your back, you do the same in return to me, and I feel it, not only on my back but also in my heart.

Somebody once said, a sure road to success is being both personable and intelligent. And YOU are both.

Listen closely, you people in the audience, to my prediction

Steven is going to be a credit to his family and his community, and if you keep track of his path through life…folks, You are going to HEAR from him!

Steven Saginor’s Bar-Mitzvah
September 10th, 2005

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