Judge’s Sentence An Outrage

Sex Offender Sentence Criticized

WCAX-TV NEWS Channel 3 — Burlington, Vermont — January 5, 2006

Judge Edward Cashman’s light sentence was the talk of the town. Wednesday he sentenced child rapist Mark Hulett to 60 days in jail. Hulett admitted he raped a little girl countless times when she was between 7 and 10 years old.

Scary faceThe judge says the sentence of 60 days was imposed because he no longer believes in punishment and he wants to speed the rapist’s entry into a rehabilitation program.

“I was dismayed to see that someone who had committed such a heinous crime against a young child would be given less of a prison sentence than for instance someone who got a second-term DWI,” said Paul Poss of South Burlington.

My personal comment: If you don’t need a dose of Tums & Tylenol after reading about this monster, something is definitely wrong with you. He violated an innocent child for 3 years, and he gets a 2 month jail sentence. He should be hung by the “you know what.” As to judge Cashman, he should serve time in jail with sexual predators and we will see if he no longer believes in punishment.

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Sex Offender Sentence Criticized

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