Letter to my son, Andrew

By Harvey Tobkes

Jackie MasonThanks for the card and the gift you sent to Mom and me on our 50th anniversary. I am pondering about what advice I can give you to help you get through 50 or more years of marriage to the same woman. I thought about a monologue by the Jewish comedian, Jackie Mason. It goes like this:

He was at a show with his wife, and at the finale he turns towards her and says, “Boy! I really enjoyed that!” The wife puts on a sour face and says, “How could you like that boring show?”

So Jackie, doing a quick 180 degrees, and says, “I thought I liked it! Who liked it? I really didn’t care for it; I wouldn’t recommend it to a dog. Next time, better we should stay home and watch TV.”


Of course, the reality is that you won’t do that and there will be many heated battles, but when the smoke has cleared, take it from me, you will do a
“Jackie Mason.”

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