‘Vaginas R’ Us’ Billboard Angers Some In LA

It was reported in the news that Los Angeles strip club owner Howard White isn’t winning any new friends with his billboard. An ad for White’s Century Lounge reads “Vaginas R’ Us.” A local business group is complaining. But one city councilman said vagina isn’t an obscene word, so there’s little officials can do. However, White has had to take down his sign temporarily, though not because of the wording. City inspectors cited the sign for a fire code violation. It was made of combustible vinyl. But officials of a sign company tell the Los Angeles Times White has already ordered a new “Vaginas R’ Us” billboard.

Source: Cousin Greg Tobkes, and his commnent on the article….
Harvey, Here is another example of tolerance leading to acceptance: the word vagina is now out of the panties! Even in High School it had been relegated to Monologues and now Billboard ads. Is nothing sacred? Is penis next?

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