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There is a definite difference in the way women and men think in matters concerning the meaning of the word “space.”

When I was a young man I remember dating a lovely lady with flaming red hair; while I was with her my eyes, somehow, could not resist looking and appraising any female that came into my field of sight.

I remember the many times some female form nearby could make my mind think that maybe I’d like to study other options. We all know, a new interest is always exciting at first. No matter that I was involved with my lady companion, at times members of the opposite sex overtook my thoughts and desires. When the struggle became too difficult and I didn’t want to break off what I had going, I would tell my present interest that maybe I need some “space” for awhile to really consider where we were heading at the moment. I rationalized that perhaps I needed a week or two to think about our relationship, and then I would come back to the lady of the moment. It made sense to me and I got away with the plan on a number of occasions. I thought I was so clever.

What I didn’t know is I was only fooling myself…she really didn’t care as much as she led me to believe with her crocodile tears.

On the day I decided to renew the relationship she told me she felt she needed more time and “space” to relax while she pondered her thoughts about us.

That was 50 years ago and I still haven’t heard from her.

So, how’s your “space” lately?

Source: From an article in by Dan Palmer

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