By Harvey Tobkes

Failing to report a serious crime is tantamount to complicity. It seems we sometimes wear blinkers and choose not to see evil. If a person is cognizant that he or she witnessed something unlawful and chooses to take covert (remains silent) or overt action, thereby conspires and helps conceal or shield another person’s illegal act, he becomes a partner in that particular crime.

I am sure you can think of many examples of how the foregoing can happen in real life…let your thoughts go the Kennedy assassination, for example.

If Coach Sandusky is proved guilty then Head Coach Paterno and (my guess) probably dozens of others who knew or had strong suspicions about a 67-year old guy who surrounded himself with boy victims and acted as a predator pedophile are co-conspirators to a monster’s sexual depravity.


I wrote the words below many years ago, much prior to the Sandusky scandal. What he did sickens me, and the thought that he surely used his high and trusted position as a window of opportunity to compromise young boys is even worse…”compromise” is a euphemism ranging from explicit e-mail flirtations to actual homosexual sex acts with a minor. I am sure we will be hearing about that very soon.

By Harvey Tobkes

… Def: Assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something: b. one in which faith and confidence is placed.

In business dealings the rule of law is caveat emptor. However, in our society, we honor certain positions by giving the holders our trust to… clergy, teachers, judges, police, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, army officers, bankers and investment advisers, just to name a few. If a trust is violated by any of the aforementioned, it is my contention that the penalty should be extremely heavy.

By trusting, we close down our guard against predators and instead we open up a window of opportunity for them; then, we become the prey of these vicious animals. They have us in a dependent and compromised state so these degenerates can take advantage of our trust to satisfy their own perverse, perverted, warped, putrid immorality.

I am sure you have read enough horror stories relating to cases of sexual predators. Their victims are mainly people who unwittingly gave their trust to their abusers or other accounts of how we lost our honor, self esteem, our health and wealth to those we trusted.

So, what have we been doing to protect ourselves and make sure that the first offense these evil monsters commit is their last? Nothing much! Mostly the obstacle is the leniency of our legal system, but also the offenders typically hold vaunted positions that required education and they are usually articulate or can hire crafty legal aid to fight charges,and thereby they are more likely to be acquitted or slapped on the wrist, than to be punished appropriately.

Trust…but verify

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