By Harvey Tobkes


Almost nobody in the world achieves full comfort. Having huge wealth that enables you to buy whatever you think will give you pleasure, is surely half the battle. But having comfort of mind is the other half. The mind needs nurturing, and it has many requirements and different facets that are not easily satisfied. The list is endless, but for intelligent persons to have peace, they must be content with who they are and not crave things beyond their reach, and this is easier said than done. I am referring to the I WANT syndrome:

I WANT… to be liked and loved by all, I WANT… high intellectual powers, I WANT… strong feelings of self-worth, I WANT… a satisfying self-image, I WANT to have the gift of talent in the arts or sports,

I WANT… recognition and admiration from from peers, I WANT…. a charming personality, and I WANT a zillion other factors.

Whatever the mind can conceive that it lacks, is what is needed to achieve Full Comfort; But full comfort is an impossible goal, somewhat like a dog chasing its tail.<

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