Back in the late 1940’s, my father and mother went to the then fashionable Concord Hotel for a weekend getaway.

As part of the entertainment and activities offered to the guests, there was an amateur recording session where you could sing or tell a joke or whatever, and then they would give you an old fashioned, [semi-professionally made] 33-1/3 RPM vinyl record disc to take home as a memento of your visit.

My dad was a big ham; he loved being the life of the party and the one to tell hysterical jokes, so it was no surprise that he jumped at the opportunity.

Recently, I visited my sister Doris in Las Vegas and she told me she had found the disc in a junk drawer and that it was in bad shape (scratches and wrinkles – not really audible even if you had a phonograph player). Long story short…she gave to give it to me, and I was thrilled because with today’s technology I was able to have it restored and copied to a CD.

For me it is wonderful to be able to hear my father’s voice singing “My Melancholy Baby,” an oldie recorded by so many famous vocalists, and who cares if there’s a bit of static in the background.

For some of you who might remember my parents, I wanted to share this special project…”SING IT AGAIN SAM!”

>>>My Melancholy Baby wave edit 96.lite< <<

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