Ending a marriage can take more than an emotional toll. In a 2017 study, researchers found that divorced women were more likely to have a heart attack than married women; after two divorces, their risk nearly doubled.

Men who had one divorce were only just as likely to have a heart attack as married men, but their risk increased after two or more divorces. “One of the largest forms of stress is divorce or a major life event,” says Rafii. Over time, “the release of stress hormones … can create injury to the wall of the blood vessel,” potentially causing a heart attack.

Harv’s comment on behalf of divorced men:

The study did not take into account that many of the divorced women who met their demise may have actually died due to extreme measures taken by their mates who by-passed the divorce lawyers, or other men who escaped the alimony payments simply helping their wives pass on, and I will grudgingly say vice versa. Haha!


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