By Harvey Tobkes

This article is mainly about my advice to picky people who do not hesitate to send back an under/over cooked entré. Also, attention all of you who cannot tolerate the inefficiency of servers; if they forget your request for water, ketchup, ground pepper, another napkin, a sharper knife etc. do not be caustic, sarcastic, argumentative, angry. Let it go!

Why this gratuitous advice? Well, put yourself on the other end of the situation and let’s imagine you earn a living by serving people. And on this particular day your daughter told you that she was pregnant, your dog ran away, your wife admitted she was having an affair with your best friend and your air conditioner at home stopped working. Then some asshole at table number 9 tells you he wanted his steak cooked medium rare, not well done.

CosmopolitanAnd the woman at table 7 does the unthinkable. As you are taking the order from a group of people this irate woman comes up behind you, taps you on the shoulder and says, “I asked you for a Cosmopolitan five minutes ago, and I’m thirsty, what year do you think you can bring it?”

“No problem lady. One Cosmopolitan coming up; it may have a blob of spit mixed in or even a booger but she will never know. And as for the guy at table 9 who wanted a medium rare steak, no problem. But the steak he gets may have been seasoned by being marinated in a urinal or worse.Urinal

So what’s my advice? If you are really hungry, swallow your pride and anger and then wait to swallow your food.

Or simply walk out and head for the nearest Burger King.

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