By Harvey Tobkes

When you are out on a date, or meeting someone for the first time, how many of you wish you could carry a yellow penalty flag, just like the NFL referees use. It’s not such a bad idea, once you analyze it.


The penalty flags would come in handy; anytime your date commits an offense or violates the rules or does something that could jeopardize the relationship…you throw the yellow flag.

Here are some examples of when to throw the yellow flag:

Bad breath, body odor, stupid, self-absorbed, bad-kisser, doesn’t listen, gossiper, uses foul language, poor manners, moody, never shuts up, doesn’t talk, inappropriately giggles or laughs like a hyena.

Also, continual put-offs that would prevent you from scoring and crossing that goal line would warrant a yellow flag.

I’m sure each one of us can add many more breaches of the rules of the dating game to the list, and I invite you to use the comment section to list your suggestions.

P.S. There are some people that are exempt from the rules…like the cheering fan below:


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