———-my coffee——–

By Harvey Tobkes

Today, I walked 1.5 miles at the beach. My other statistics were…speed of 2.5 mph, 3308 steps, 30 minutes, wind at 12 mph, 137 Calories burned.

At the half-way point, I was at the Haagen-Dazs store, so I had my usual hazelnut coffee and as a reward I added a small cup of Java Chip ice-cream. What a treat, but there was more. In front me on the line were 4 young gal pals all in thong string bikinis. My luck, I was standing in back of the one (of the 4) wearing a virtually invisible string exposing a full moon; she was giggling and gaggling with her group. When the server finally handed me my order, I looked into my cup and noticed the Java chip ice-cream instantly melted into a liquid and I wondered why that happened.

Not to worry, I won’t be writing a letter of complaint to the management.

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