Clenching your fist could be enough to help you get a grip on your memory.

Research suggests that balling up the right hand and squeezing it tightly actually makes it easier to memorise lists.

Later, when it is time to retrieve the information, it is the left hand that should be clenched.

———–—————BALL SQUEEZE——-———
It is thought the movements activate brain regions key to the storing and recall of memories.

The American researchers suggest those who are short of a pen and paper should try the trick when attempting to commit a shopping list or phone number to memory.

In the study, volunteers were given a rubber ball and asked to squeeze it as hard as possible before trying to memorise a list of 72 words.

They squeezed the ball again a couple of minutes later, ahead of recollecting as many of the words as possible.

One group used their right hand on both occasions, another their left. A third group clenched their right fist ahead of memorising and their left ahead of recall and a fourth did the reverse.

A fifth group held the ball but did not squeeze it.

Those who squeezed with their right hand, followed by their left, remembered the most words.

The next best were the volunteers who made a fist with their right hand both times, while those who didn’t squeeze at all did better than those who led with their left.

Source: an article written by Fiona Macrae for MAIL ONLINE, (U.K.)

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