By Harvey Tobkes


If you guessed Greek Islands Taverna in Ft. Lauderdale, you’re right. A to die for Greek salad, a vodka gimlet, spinach pies, soft fresh bread with hummus, our main dish was butterfly shrimp, and no dessert, but a take-home baklava, as always,…mmmm so good. I imagine you want to know how come we went back so soon after our recent visit…

Well! Yesterday I noticed my Capital One credit card was missing from my wallet, so we searched the house twice and then looked in every one of my pants and shirt pockets. No luck! Then a thought occurred to me and I decided to call where I last used my card; It took no effort to get the restaurant manager, as I had the Greek Isles in my phone contacts.

I explained to him that I know I am probaly looking for a needle in a haystack, but was it possible that they had my credit card. After a short wait the manager got back on the phone asked me who issued the card and my name and bingo, bongo he had it in his hand. Today, we went back to recover the card and could not resist taking a table and using the card once again.

By the way, when the manager brought my card to me at the table he had a stack of about 20 plastic credit cards and it’s only the 11th of the month. I guess I am not the only stupid diner, but at least I did have the brains to offer a business arrangement between me and the manager where I research the location of customers whose cards were found and offer to deliver them for $20 each. He told me to keep my day job, enjoy my meal and don’t forget to put my card back in my wallet after payment.

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