By Harvey Tobkes


I have been reading much lately about driverless cars and I fail to see the benefits. I love driving. It sounds crazy but sometimes I just drive to suit my mood…fast, slow, in sync to the beat of the music, whatever. It just makes me feel good, and I sure as hell don’t want to give it up to a robot. I would be a nervous wreck watching the autonomous ultimate super artificial driver take over, as I would then likely become the ultimate super back-seat-driver.

I just read an article about the benefits of a driverless car and I think they are nuts:

1. You can do other stuff, like read or play with your smart phone.
Are you kidding! After the ride, I would probably need a change of underwear. My head would be on a 360 degree swivel looking out for danger from all directions.

2. Driverless cars are more efficient, and driving conditions will improve
Are you kidding…who cares? I want to be the pilot not a passenger. I want to use my driving skills to get where I want to go, and if I spy something unusual (maybe like a pretty gal in a mini-skirt walking a great dane) I might want to apply the brakes to get a better view, or maybe I need to accelerate to escape the car with the booming boom box alongside me. I ask you…can a robot do that?

3. Last year, 40,000 people died in motor vehicles crashes. Far too many!
O.K. but hey,…if some wacko Russian computer terrorists decide to play highway havoc with the sensor systems of driverless cars on our highways, they can keep funeral directors busy for the next 20 years.

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