By Harvey Tobkes

I asked Anita if she thought it was worse having adversity in your life when you are young or when you are old.


Contrary to what most might think, Anita said, “It’s worse when you’re young because you feel the troubles that you have will persist for years and steal the pleasures of life that are allotted to those in their prime. Young people don’t realize that insurmountable troubles sometimes disappear in a week or a month or a relatively short time. They look at their friends, who are supposedly enjoying a fun life, free of misery and cares, and say ‘why me God?’

I think she nailed it! I realized she’s so right because if big burdens come your way when you’re in your 80’s or beyond, you can laugh at them by saying two magic words, “So What!”


Statistics say you are over the hill, and comedians say don’t buy green bananas, so if trouble is troubling you…So What! You have a built in biological escape hatch, and whether you are young or old, remember the old cliché, “Nobody gets out of this world alive.”

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