By Harvey Tobkes


If you look carefully at the date on the birth announcement card above you will note November 20th, 1928, 11:15 PM. I recognize my dad’s handwriting and I can only imagine mom & dad’s joy of having a new born baby boy. If you need a calculator to figure my age, it’s understandable but I’ll make it easy for you by revealing today I am 92.

I may be one of the oldest bloggers in Florida, but it’s been a great hobby over the past 15 years and my hope is I have reached some of my readers and become an unseen friend with articles in 75 different categories to entertain and amuse just as long as I am never boring. 

It’s been a great ride and today I will leave you with a little anecdote that happened last week, I was in an elevator a few days ago with some youngsters in their 50’s and 60’s and one of them asked how old I was. I proudly announced I am 92 whereupon one of them sarcastically spat out…who wants to live to be 92. I gave him a quick answer…”Anyone that’s 91″… and there was no more conversation after that.

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