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By Hubby Harv

We have a very safe household…but you never know and accidents are always happening. So, please do me a favor; call Amazon to see if they sell a foam floor covering for our tile floors.

Yes, the following is all true, but let’s stay safe, as you can never have too much protection. Both bathrooms now have more grip bars than Walmart, and both toilets are raised with nice handles at the sides so it’s easy to rise from the throne. We have metal Hurricane shutters on our terrace, wooden hurricane shutters on all windows, more flashlights than the Hallandale Police Dep’t. We have lots of spare stuff to use if there is a power outage; as an example, we have so many spare batteries, I could open a battery outlet store. We bought motion activated night lights for every room, there are water leak detectors in both bathrooms, under the kitchen sink and in the A/C closet. Of course, there are smoke alarms in all room except bathrooms, I wear a Medical Alert 24/7, there are surge detectors on outlets with heavy use to protect our computer devices from any lightning strikes. Our refrigerator has an alarm which blasts off if the door is ajar…the beeping warns and protects against food spoilage. We have 2 walkers and a spare third in case one breaks down(ha ha) and a wheel chair, which thankfully, neither one of us is ready to use…yet, We have an exercise machine to keep fit and our weight under control, which we never use except to hang our clothes, but it is convenient.

You have broken bones in both knees, ankles, elbow, clavicle and those are just the ones I remember. Me? You know I have bad balance and have more falls than Niagara but luckily I have never gotten more than a bruise or two. Thinking about falls, we are lucky to have our good neighbor neighbor Stan Serwatka on standby to help come to our rescue; by now he’s getting really good at that job by practicing on us. He’s so good the EMS Paramedics could take lessons from him.

Don’t forget to call Amazon! (ha ha).

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