What’s A Blog?

Despite the growing popularity of blogs, lots of people still don’t get what they’re about.
With millions of bloggers out there and even more blog readers, you might think everyone knows how to read a blog, or how blogs work. From my blogging experience, I can say that this is definitely not true. This short article—intended for the readers of blogs—will describe the process for newcomers.

There are two categories of blogs. One is the traditional weblog, where a Web surfer shares his online discoveries.

The second is the Web diary, where a person shares his or her thoughts of the day. Often, blogs of one style have elements of the other. A diarist might discuss a link, while traditional webloggers will commonly ramble on about something that happened to them that day. Though the discussion here applies to both types of blogs, it focuses mainly on the weblog style.

Written by John C. Dvorak

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