Six Days of Hell!

Owing to the devestating force of hurricane Wilma, we suffered 6 days without electric. We did not have anything in the fridge, as it all went bad and there wasn’t much in the pantry in the way of canned goods. So, we went up and down 8 flights of stairs numerous times every day, and we did not eat much during the outage because all area restaurants in a 75 mile radius suffered the same power loss. After the 4th day, we were able to buy food that did not require refrigeration.

So now that power is restored we are hail and hearty and healthy. We are going to say ,”goodbye!” to the stair climbing and find a substitute exercise like pushing the “8” buttom in the elevator, but believe me electricity is the second best invention of all time and maybe equal to the printing press.

During the power outage I felt frustrated without the use of my computer and not being able to post any new articles; it was beginning to feel like a throwback in time to my childhood years when people had fewer luxuries and the electronic age was not even conceived by science fiction writers…but now all is well and we can resume a beautiful friendship. Amen!

P.S. While we had our Wilma, Vermont had a humongous snow storm. One resident shoveling the deep snow in his driveway was asked by a reporter how he was getting along, replied, “I’d gladly trade places with those guys in Florida. This is worse than a hurricane!” Maybe he’s right because tomorrow, I’m taking my shovel to the beach to make sand castles.

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