The Panderer

Representative John Dingell, a Democrat, from Michigan – home to America’s largest Muslim population – appeared on a Detroit television program Sunday.

After Dingell said he would not take sides in the current Israeli/Hezbollah conflict, the host asked “so you’re not against Hezbollah?” Rep. Dingell replied with a resounding “no.”

My assumption is this guy is pandering to the Islamic voters in his district and even has the chutzpah to say he is not against Hezbolla, the terrorist group that has killed more Americans than any other with the exception of al-Qaeda. Of course, al Qaeda is number one because they took down the New York Trade Center twin towers.

Rep. John Dingell is a disgrace and the streotype politician, who can bend with the wind in order to secure more votes from his constituents.

He deserves what I prescribed for Mel Gibson…see the article below.

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