America’s Fattest Cities?

Every year Men’s Fitness magazine generates a report: The Annual Fattest and Fittest Cities in the United States. Although it is a non-scientific survey, a great deal of time is spent analyzing the data in order to make an informed, statistical decision.


And The Award Goes To ...

Fattest Cities:
1. Houston
2 .Philadelphia
3. Detroit
4. Memphis
5. Chicago

Houston has been dubbed the fattest city four out of five times, losing last year to Detroit. One Houston resident teased, “It was the only thing we lost. We sure didn’t lose any weight last year.” He also stated, “Duh, of course we’re Fat City. It’s too hot to jog in the summer and we’re too out of shape to run in the winter. And there’s a Shipley or Krispy Kreme on every corner.”

On the other hand Seattle, came out on top after placing as the number 1 fittest city this year. Men’s Fitness editor-in-chief explained two key factors contributed to Seattle’s win:

1. Exercising faithfully 2.Turning away from fast food.

Further, 85 percent of Seattle residents get some exercise every month, not to mention that sporting good stores and gyms outnumber fast food joints. The mayor of Seattle commended the city’s numerous walking trails, regarding the fitness of his fellow residents as “inspirational.” Another resident of Seattle said, “There’s a lot of good terrain to walk and bike and hike. You’re close to the water, you’re close to the mountains.”

From the web site of Dr. Joseph Mercola:
Top 25 Fattest and Fittest U.S. Cities 1/14/04

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