What Is The Answer? *

American flag

By Harvey Tobkes

If the terrorist mass murder plot to bomb our passenger planes had been successful, they could have killed as many as 3000 people, all within minutes.

In warfare of any kind the most brutal killers usually win; the gentlemen lose. That goes way back to Biblical times and was even a part of our American history, fighting the British Red Coats in the Revolutionary War. So what methods should we use to end the war against peace-loving democratic nations, especially Israel and the U.S.? Olive Branches of peace are useless; attack bombings are ineffective, ground operations require fighting inch-by-inch and cost too many lives; also it puts the struggle on an equal level. I think an unrelentless long war is upon us with no real solution. Even if the Israelis drive the Lebanese far north, will it be long before they acquire missiles of greater range? The foregoing is almost a surety.

Israel and the West must face the funereal music of Islamic fascists pursuing this Jihad as long as they believe in Allah, and that will never change. I failed to mention that this is a multi-faced monster; Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and we should add other countries not showing themselves.

If you are waiting for a suggested solution…sorry that must come from someone a lot smarter than me.

* The answer is…there is no answer.

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