By Marvin Silbermintz

I just realized I have a loophole; if I count both “Godfather 1’ and ‘Godfather 2’ together as a single film, I have room for ‘Apocalypto’ on my Ten Best Films of All Time List.

If Gibson the Moviemaker is mad, he’s mad in all the best ways. If it took a multi-millionaire madman to put this unique epic on film, we’re lucky he was available. And if he was drunk during any point of his creative process, I’ll paraphrase Abraham Lincoln and say, “Send a bottle of whatever he’s drinking to the other Hollywood directors.”

As for the violence: it’s unrelenting and unapologetic. But this is a movie about primitive warriors. So, if you aren’t opposed to graphic, brutal cinematic violence, get on line for ‘Apocalypto’ this weekend. See it on the big screen, with a cheering crowd. You’re in for one hell of a ride.

BUT……every review of a Mel Gibson film begs for a review of Mel Gibson — The Man. Personally, my first instinct upon hearing of his infamous drunken rant was to write him off as an unredeemable bigot. But then several of his Jewish friends came forward, and said he had treated them with nothing but kindness and respect, and even had gone out of his way to help them.

The bottom line is this: As an anti-Semite Gibson has been all-talk and no-action. According to Jewish tradition, that’s not a crime. it may be a sin. It may be a problem, but it’s his problem. As Henny Youngman wisely said, “Last night I saved a lady from being attacked — I controlled myself.” I know that’s a joke. But like most jokes, there’s truth to be found in it.

Look, Mel is obviously a troubled boy. He’s carrying a big can of whoopass around in his back pocket. But as long as he only opens it up to make films like ‘Apocalypto’, everything will be fine.

Excerpt from a review from PoliticalMavens.com written by Marvin Silbermintz. For the full article go to: Political Mavens � %u2018APOCOLYPTO%u2019 %u2014 Mel Does a Mitzvah

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