Larry checked out the table. The candles, the exotic glasses for the champagne, the main course that he had lovingly cooked and warming in the oven. Everything was right on target for the mission of the evening. Sue was all of nineteen, the little girl that had always looked up at him while she was growing up. Always telling him that she was going to marry him. Even in her early teens saying he was the “man” in her life, the older man that would make a woman out of her.


He had been surprised and flattered when she had recently told him that she wanted him to be “the one who.” After all with all of his experience at an older age (34) he should be the one to make her realize her potential.

So here he was getting everything ready. He thought back to his youthful experience and how an older woman (23) had taught him that a woman wasn’t just a vessel but one that that had needs that should be attended to.

He had been 17 at the time and always thankful she had made him definitely above the norm. Now here he was in the same position as his teacher back then about to impart all he knew for the betterment of their species.

She arrived and the meal went as planned. The music he had on, the warmth all suggesting an evening of bliss. He felt quite inflated. After all how often does one get the chance to be the “first” in the life of a beautiful young desirous woman? As the evening progressed he felt suaver and suaver as she became more beautiful.

Finally they dragged themselves into his bedroom. As they lay there afterward all he could think of was “Wow, what an experience.” He looked at her at his side staring dreamily at him. She touched his face lovingly and softly whispered “Is that it”?

Larry has decided that from now on he’ll deal with his own age category.

Article written by Dan Palmer, Aventura News

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