The Art of Flirting

Couple flirting

Do you know when someone’s checking you out? What gives it away? Is it the eyes? Smile? Head tilt?

If you take Teri D. Ciacchi’s class, “Get What You Want! Flirting Skills for Everyone,” it’s all those things and more.

“One of the things people consistently had problems with was flirting, and in an environment without alcohol or drugs,” Ciacchi said. “We’re just supposed to know how to do it. It leaves a lot of us feeling like we’re floundering. The things we’re taught are not realistic.” What follows that initial spark? How do you go further on that mutual attraction?

Guys, you may not be aware of it, but every time you play with your belt or stick your hands in your pockets, you’re attracting attention to a particular part of your anatomy. And for women: licking your lips, playing with your hair and messing with your outfit — especially around the cleavage area — does the same thing.

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  • To attract attention: Widen your eyes and lift your eyebrows, smile sincerely, sit in a friendly posture, tilt your head, shrug your shoulders and purposely walk in the line of sight of the object of your affection.
  • To continue the connection: Bring attention to your face by touching parts of your face and expressing interest.
  • Know whether you’re on the right track: Look for signals the other person is sending through body language, such as pupil dilation, blushing, leaning closer, more hand contact and shared focus.

Athima Chansanchai – reporter- Seattle Post Intelligencer.

Learning the art of flirting adds new sparks to relationships

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