F/A-22 (named The Raptor) is now America ‘s Most Advanced Fighter Aircraft for the 21st Century!!!!

The current F-15, will be replaced by the F/A-22 which is several times better than the F-15.

Maj. Gen. Rick Lewis said: “The Raptor Operated against all adversaries with virtual impunity; ground Based Systems could not engage and NO Adversary Aircraft Survived”!!!

They are a titanium and carbon fiber dagger. They’re so advanced that if their on-board locator is switched off even our own satellites lose track of them.

The Raptor is capable of making turns at 22+ G’s. If some day an adversary builds a missile that is capable of catching up to one of these airplanes and a Raptor pilot sees that a strike is imminent, he hits the “b.o.b.” and the airplane makes a Virtual U-turn, leaving the missile to pass right on by.

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