By Harvey Tobkes

Friday night, in Oxford, Mississippi, there will be a televised debate between Obama and McCain. The announced topic is to be national security.


Obama, first of all, must try to get the trust and confidence of voters, and wash away doubts as to his background, and whether he is experienced enough to be president. He needs to get people to believe in his ability to get our country back on track. Secondly, he must sell his (unpopular) plan of negotiating with foreign country leaders that are anti-American. And finally, he must give the voters some facts to chew on… not just Pablum.

McCain, who is verbally challenged and no way as good a speaker as Obama, has to be authoritative, presidential, not a stumbler. His answers should be straight talking, sincere, in simple sentences that deliver clear answers.

Neither Obama or McCain are going to breeze through this ordeal, as their supporters have different views and even hear what’s said differently.

In any case, for anyone who follows politics, this is going to be an intriguing debate.

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