By Harvey Tobkes



All politicians have skeletons in their closets. The best example of an oxymoron is “an honest politician.” There is no such thing.

But some transgressions are worse than others and Obama is a major transgressor.

How is it possible his supporters were able to quickly forget that for 20 years he attended the church of Rev. Wright, a hate-monger who was virulently anti-white, anti-Jew, anti-America? Wright baptized Obama’s children and was his mentor.

There are other serious allegations, e.g. Tim Russert of NBC News drew attention to Obama’s unsolicited endorsement from Farrakhan that would drown any normal candidate’s chance of succeeding but Obama is adored (he may even exceed Kennedy’s stature) so it is a sure bet that he will be our next president.

Sadly, I feel Obama is on a roll, partly because the Republican team (McCain/Palin) is an abominable choice, and partly because of the anger and pain we endure as we watch the stock market plunge to new depths daily.

Frankly, they should put vomit bags in the voting booths this year, because our choices are so bad.

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