By Harvey Tobkes

Obama proposes to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan and pull out in July, 2011. Give our enemy our time-line? Give me a break! I compare this ambivalence to D-Day in WWII and us telling the Germans we are invading on June 6th… but we are leaving July 4th?

His strategy is to force the government and the leaders of corrupt, impoverished Afghanistan, to help us achieve our goals and for them to be able to sustain control of the country as our stable partner after we leave.

Change their life style after all these many centuries, that will not happen. Here’s why:

Ever been given an impossible task at school or work? O.K. students, I want you to read War and Peace over the weekend and be prepared for a quiz on Monday. Right! Pretend you’re a sales manager and your boss asks you to cut expenses in half and double sales in the next ten days…or else.

New Yorkers have a one word answer to all that…”Fugedaboudit!”

Also, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, can now hunker down in comfort and all they have to do is wait…and poof. The Americans will be gone.

Unfortunately, I think we need to tinker with Obama’s plan a bit. Next, I am waiting to read that the pull-out date was written, not in cement, but on Chinese drywall and it was a “goal” not an unalterable plan.

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