A new case of dementia occurs every seven seconds, according to a report by Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI). Worldwide, dementia cases are expected to double every 20 years, they say. Over 81 Million Cases by 2040.

Over 24 million people are living with dementia, and 4.6 million new cases are diagnosed each year. By 2040, over 81 million people are expected to have the condition.

Dementia is spreading across the developing world at much higher rates than developed countries. While there are 5 million cases in China, for instance, there are 4.8 million in all of Western Europe and 3.4 million in North America. The report found:

Some 60 percent of people with dementia live in developing countries.

By 2040, this will rise to 71 percent.

The number of people with dementia living in developed countries will rise by 100 percent between 2001 and 2040.

During this period, the rates will rise by 300 percent in India, China, South Asia and neighboring regions.

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