Self-fulfilling prophecies are predictions made about someone or something based upon expectancies about this someone or something. These expectancies actually influence the outcomes that validate the original prophecy.

As an example: Some studies have shown that the expectancies teachers have of their pupils, based on their beliefs about the student’s socio-economic background, may substantially affect the children’s performance. In other words, because Johnny is perceived to be from a poor, working class family, with parents of limited education, his teachers expect less from him, and this lowered expectation affects the way they teach and interact with Johnny. This, in turn, actually contributes to Johnnie’s lower class performance.

Prophecy becomes reality, not because of the facts prior to the prophecy but because the prophecy will now direct its believers to make the prophecy real.

I’m sure you know where this is going. Various prophets from different religions have proclaimed one day in the future there will be a great world war where the good, righteous followers of their sect, will defeat and destroy (with God’s help) all the evil followers of the other religious sects, and all other non-believers. This end-time prophecy has been professed from generation to generation, over hundreds, even thousands of years to billions of followers.

It may be only a matter of time when fiction does become reality, not because the prophets were so prophetic, but because they have planted a seed in their masses, a seed which can be used by the corrupt, and power-driven world leaders to keep its populace angry, afraid, and compliant. Unfortunately, we are all vulnerable to corrupt leaders, and religious prophecy, atheists included.

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