ADIOS 2010 — HELLO 2011


Get the hell out of here, 2010 — and take your stinkin’ credit crisis, foreclosures, unemployment, crooked politicians, gas price spikes, swindlers like Madoff with their Ponzi schemes and other financial scandals, lax regulators, earthquakes, suicide bombers, wars, floods, snow storms and freezing cold weather with you. It’s been a long, long time since Americans have wanted to say good riddance to a year so badly, and the chance is finally here. Fortunately, the economic climate in 2011 is likely to be much better than 2010.

Hard times have an upside. And really hard times have an even better upside: Businesses offer great deals to attract customers; interest rates are low, loans are more affordable. The government will continue to pump money into the economy and that boosts spending. Twenty-Eleven will be the birth year of a National Health Care Plan (hopefully one that’s effective and affordable and doesn’t burn a large hole in our debt bucket, which is leaking badly at present).

In any case, I see mostly all positives for the start of a new year and a new decade.

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