As you probably guessed, Sharon Bialek is no innocent little blonde novitiate. Hell no!

Just a few things that we learned:
1. She declared bankruptcy twice in a 10 year span.
2. She had 10 jobs in 17 years.
3. In 1999, Bialek’s son Nicholas was born and a paternity lawsuit was filed by the father, a media executive.

All this stuff about Herman Cain happened 14 years ago. Now, up pops Ms. Bialek who was unemployed and living in Chicago. But she had the time and money to go to Washington, DC, rent a hotel room two blocks from the White House, to approach the CEO of the NRA for a job?

She accepted an upgraded hotel suite from Cain, had dinner with him, got in his car to go somewhere, and when he allegedly put his hand up her skirt and pulled her head downward…she protested, “What are you doing, you know I have a boyfriend.” So…if she didn’t have a boyfriend all that would have been fine?

She says she is a conservative Republican, so why did she hire Gloria Allred?

Also, if she is so concerned about sexual harassment, why didn’t she mention this when Mr. Cain ran for the Presidency in 2000, or when he ran for the Senate in Georgia (Zell Miller’s seat) back in 2004?

It seems to me that 99% of what Sharon is alleging was consensual, if it even happened, and the other 1% is bullship.

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