By Harvey Tobkes

My son Andrew, the gastroenterologist, is doing good work. He is a respected physician in his chosen career, yes, that and more. But allow me to explain a bit further.

He is lucky to be the owner of a very smart and cuddly Shi-Tzu dog named Truffle, and Andrew takes truffle to a local Home for the Aged where the little ball of fur brings joy and entertainment to the residents.

TruffleThe old folks and the staff all look forward to seeing little Truffle strut her stuff, especially on holidays. Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s day, you name it; Truffle is there in costume to bring cheer and light-hearted fun to all. That’s why I attached the picture to show you what a Halloween dog looks like. Andrew has to beg the people not to feed Truffle any candy or cookies because she has diabetes, but she is doing very well, thanks to the care she gets from her daddy, who injects his best friend with insulin twice a day.

When Andrew brings Truffle to the visitor’s entrance, her tail is already wagging and she is so excited, because she knows it’s Showtime and she is the star of the show. Seeing little Truffle brings back fond memories to some of the old folks at the home, who at one time in their lives owned a pooch.

All are very appreciative that Andrew has brought Truffle, and Truffle is only too ready to jump into someone’s lap to accept a pat on the head, a hug, or a kissy-wissy.

Andrew tells me that sometimes he can see a person or two in the group who have tears of joy because of the affection and love this little dog shares with them. That makes it all worth the time and effort for both Truffle and her sidekick, Dr. Andrew.

P.S. Truffle is trying to give her act a boost, as you can see from the picture, she is seated at the piano, taking a lesson from her teacher, (my granddaughter), Miss Emily.

Truffle and Emily

P.P.S. Today I got some sad news, at age 16 and suffering from diabetes, Truffle was put to sleep yesterday by her veterinarian. R.I.P. old girl; you were truly loved by many people.

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