By Harvey Tobkes

Nothing incites my disgust and anger more than when people to whom we give our trust, violate that trust. For example…clergy, police, judges, teachers, doctors, scoutmasters, bankers etc.

The sex abuse of children by Catholic clergy, is to me, the most heinous of all, and simply relieving an offender from his duties is a ridiculously lenient punishment. Do you think hanging the offenders by the testicles is over-the-top? Obviously, I do not. So, read the article below (excerpted from The L.A. Times. I shudder when I think of the many other trusted but sexually perverted pedophile priests who hide under the cloak of the church in so many other dioceses across the U.S.


In an unprecedented move, Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez has relieved his predecessor, Cardinal Roger Mahony, of all his duties due to Mahony’s “mishandling” of child sex-abuse allegations by members of the clergy. The announcement falls on the same day that the church published 122 pages of the secret personnel files about the abuse. Auxiliary Bishop Thomas J. Curry, who allegedly covered up the abusers with Mahony, resigned. While Mahony canceled his confirmation schedule, an archdiocese spokesman insisted he remained a retired priest “in good standing.” But the pain of the scandal lives on: in a letter on the church’s website addressed to “my brothers and sisters in Christ,” Gomez called the posted files “brutal and painful reading” and said “the behavior described in these is files is terribly sad and misleading.”

My comment: What was misleading was the cover-up, not all the horrible sex acts that were done to the children.

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