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There are no cheers for Cardinal Angelo Scola today. Only empty silence, and time to reflect on what might have been. He had been a top favorite to be the new elected pope.

While Cardinal Scola said that he is “not going to get into that whole blame-game thing,” he sounded bitter when he spoke about the mainstream media.

“They were brutal and hurtful. They connected my last name to a soft drink from the United States and started calling me “Pope Pepsi-Cola, ” he said bitterly. But even as he sounded an aggrieved note as he spoke about “the hand I was dealt,” Scola seemed to reserve his harshest criticism for one person: himself. Then he added, “In hindsight I made a big mistake. In my campaign for the papacy, I used George Romney as a role model.”

His parting words in Latin…”ut ‘via pila, resilit”
Our Google translator tells us that means…”And that’s the way the ball bounces.”

>>>Click here to read the original…The idea for this spoof and some words were borrowed from the original written by Andy Borowitz for The New Yorker.

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