———————–USE OY VEY—————-

The USA has a population of 325 Million people of whom
there are no more than 7 million Jews – a highly optimistic
estimate or 2.1% of the population.

With the nomination of Merrick Garland there would be
three Jews on the supreme court out of nine justices in
total or thirty three percent one third of the court which
is 17 times the per capita representation of Jews in the USA.

GOP presumptive nominee Donald J Trump’s
Daughter Ivanka is not only Jewish but underwent
a full Orthodox conversion to prepare for her
marriage to Jarrad Kushner and just gave
birth to her third child – Trumps’ Jewish Grandchildren.

Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton also
happens to have a Jewish Son in Law Mark
Mezvinsky with whom her Daughter Chelsea
has one Daughter and is expecting a
second child with.

Oh and the lone Democratic challenger for the
Nomination Bernie Sanders is also a Jew

Out of 100 senators 10 are Jews – ten percent

There are 19 Jewish congressmen out of 435 – 4.4 percent

So despite being two percent of the population
Jews have or will have significant representation
in the executive branch, Judicial branch and
legislative branches of the US government.

And if anything goes wrong –

“OY VEY!” are we going to be in trouble.

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