A dear friend of mine recently told me that choices aren’t really about being “good” or “bad.” Choices are about being “easy” or “hard.”

We confuse the word “easy” with the word “bad” and we confuse the word “hard” with the word “good.”


Easy- Skipping the gym in favor of lounging on the couch
Hard- Keeping your commitment to go to gym regardless of circumstances

Easy- Binge watching TV
Hard- Diving deep into books that will help you grow

Easy- Eating fast food and pre-packaged frozen meals
Hard- Grocery shopping and preparing home-cooked meals

Easy- Drinking alcohol and avoiding deep-rooted issues
Hard- Facing your worries, troubles, and concerns soberly

Easy- Not planning your free time and doing nothing
Hard- Planning your next big adventure with good friends and family

Easy- Not doing homework
Hard- Being so far ahead of your HW that you have time to have tons of fun

Easy- Not staying in contact with old friends and family
Hard- Reaching out to your loved ones often and remaining deeply connected

Easy- Putting forth 50% effort in your workout/career/relationships/self
Hard- Putting forth all of your effort, every time, in the things that matter most

Easy- Being messy and untidy
Hard- Being organized and clean

Easy- Complaining
Hard- Silence

Easy- Ego
Hard- Humility

Easy- Fantasy
Hard- Reality

Easy- Gossip
Hard- Sticking up for people

Easy- Indifference
Hard- Deep love

So when I go forth, thinking about my choices, I now think, “Is this the easy choice or the hard choice?” If I realize that it’s the easy choice, then I know that I have some rethinking to do…

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