By Harvey Tobkes


The brouhaha in the Southern States over statues is much in the news and the media seems to side with those that want the offensive icons removed.

I think it is subjective, that is to say, we are selective on which of our old enemies to accept and which to hate. Who would ever imagine that Japanese Americans would someday become respected people in many fields including baseball heroes, even members of Congress. Since the end of World War II, many Germans came to our country and thrived. Some were virulent Nazis, but many Americans were willing to forgive and forget. So, why are we in an uproar over Confederate heroes like Robert E. Lee , a West Pointer, graduated second in his class; Robert E. Lee who was a respected General of the Confederate army? How in the world does the media equate someone who wants to retain a statue as a neo-fascist. The media allege that for the extreme right wing the statues represent an icon or silent symbol of bigotry. To me, tearing down statues is bigotry in reverse.


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