This incident would be a little difficult to explain to your wife.


Reuters News reported that a man in Amsterdam shoplifted a package of meat in a Dutch Supermarket. He had a bit of trouble making his escape when a brave clerk from the market, in an attempt to stop the thief, gave chase and even flung himself on the hood of the getaway car. It was a close call and the culprit was feeling like he had committed the perfect crime, and couldn’t wait to get home to eat the meat and thereby destroy the evidence.


That is…until he remembered…ooops, he left his 12-year-old son at the store.

Police were able to coax the son to give them the father’s phone number; they called daddy to remind him of his faux pas, but the man refused to pick up the boy. he insisted they call his wife.

The next day, he surrendered. Case Closed!

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