By Harvey Tobkes

Please explain how in hell we are able to juggle all this and still have a wonderful, vibrant economy, low unemployment, robust annual growth and low interest rates?


1. The situation in Iraq is probably worse now than when Saddam Hussein was in power. There is no end to the problem in sight.

2. Our troops are still in Afghanistan, and who knows how many other countries around the world?

3. Obamacare and Medicare/Medicaid health programs running wild in escalating costs.

4. Corruption and sexual abuse perpetrated by government officials and big business, at an all time high.

5. Hate crimes are escalating and people with guns are killing people.

6. Our president (to put it kindly) is in deep doo doo and is losing the confidence of the people.

7. Home prices have risen to dangerous highs and now there are worries the young people still cannot afford buying in many of our cities.

8. Terrorism is still flourishing around the world and we all wonder when and how they will hit us again. Hopefully, never, but that’s not realistic as growing numbers of young American men are joining ISIS.

9. An unsolvable problem of immigrants crossing into the country by land and sea. What happens if jobs for these people become unavailable.

Don’t worry Kiddies, 20 years from now these problems will be gone, but there will be new ones. I promise!”

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