——————King Connery—————–
By Harvey Tobkes

We loved the movie The Man That Would Be King when we first viewed it about 35 years ago. And it had the same impact as we watched it again last night on DVD.

The film was based on a Rudyard Kipling story filled with much excitement, adventure spectacle, breath-taking scenery in Morocco and Chamonix, France. It’s one of the screen’s great epics.

Starring movie favorites Sean Connery and Michael Caine, as chins out, shoulders squared Brits… these two crafty ex-soldiers have a grandiose scheme. The British Empire was built by men like them, and now they’re out to build their own empire, venturing through extreme hardship to reach the remote, isolated region of Kafiristan, attempting to become rich as kings.

They face many challenges and perils along the way, including difficult terrain, hostile natives, freezing temperatures, and an avalanche high in the mountains. Kipling is seen as a character that was there at the beginning, and at the end of this glorious tale.

Try to get the DVD, and preferably watch it with closed caption, because there is much Cockney accent dialog used by Michael Caine with unfamiliar words.

——————-TWO BRITS———-

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