By Harvey Tobkes
Today I went to my ophthalmologist for my annual eye exam. Let’s call him Dr. Stoneface (not his real name) but it may as well be, because he never smiles and a corpse has a more lively personality.

He did his usual exam, he checked my eyes for cataracts, glaucoma and any changes in vision compared to results of my last visit. So, when he told me (in a disappointed way) that he could not find any problems, he sadly announced, “You have the eyes of a 25-year-old man.” I said, “Hey Doc! I wouldn’t mind if I was blind in one eye and couldn’t see out of the other, as long as I could have the “winky” of a 25 year old man.’ I was hoping to get at least a chuckle reaction to my ribald humor.

The eye doctor did not blink an eye!

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