———————————— ————————————


You’ve had a bad day
Or a terrible night,

And you don”t have the strength
to stand up and fight.

You want to give up
Life is awful, all right.

Burt who really cares?
…It’s your mom.

Your heart just got broken.
You’re feeling alone,
with more angst and sadness
than you’ve ever known,

So you take a deep breath
and pick up the phone.
Who’s always there?
…It’s your mom.

You’re so overwhelmed.
There’s just too much to do.
It feels like the whole world
is leaning on you.
You can’t even imagine
how you’ll ever get through.
Who’s by your side?
…It’s your mom.

You’re upset and confused “You’ve
big decisions to make,
which path to pursue?
which chances to take?
Would it be a smart move
Or an awful mistake?
Who’ll be your guide?
…It’s your mom.

Yes, all through your life,
whatever you need
To make you feel better
or help you succeed…
some advice or a hug
or a kind thoughtful deed,
It’s always
one hundred percent guaranteed:
who loves you the most?
…It’s your mom.

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