By Harvey Tobkes

I have done a mini survey of a dozen bright friends, and they all say that if an article or an e-mail has more than 15 lines of text, they will not read it.

Have Movies, TV and DVD’s replaced books, and does anyone read a newspaper anymore?

It seems to me that culturally, intellectually, spiritually, morally and politically this country is in a free fall from where we were in 1995. Worse, if you use the measuring stick of how we are perceived by the rest of the world, it would show we are more disliked by more people and nations than ever in our history.

culture crash

(4 more lines and I have reached the limit).

Everything today is geared towards the sensual pleasures and physical delights like overeating, over over-sexing, over-texting, over-indulging in whatever brings instant gratification. When all this happens, hard times are just ahead.

If you don’t believe me, ask the Romans!

Sorry, if you’re counting, I am three over the limit; hope you were able to bear with it!

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