By Harvey Tobkes


You already know Trump is president of the U.S. but did you know he also is the headman of A.A.

No, not the fine organization that helps people with addictions. Trump’s addiction revolves around attitude and arrogance; he is the world leader in those two overblown traits. It’s as if he can say and do whatever he wants and you are obligated to love it all…good, bad or worse than bad. How can you trust an aging, irrational Trump to have his finger on the nuclear trigger for 4 more years? No way!

I say only our mothers had maternal powers to always tell us what was good for us, even if it was cod-liver oil, her rules were your rules, and that was it! Moms had the right to reaffirm those powers with their kids. When answering a kids plea… “But whyyyyy mom?” And if you close your eyes you can hear your mom answering the why with ”Because I”m your mother, that’s why!” End of why! Now hear this! Top scientists say…wear a mask but Trump doesn’t think we need them. Boy! Was he wrong! Mr, Trump, sir, I am happy you’re not my mother.


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