By Harvey Tobkes

PoodleEvery pedigree dog has temperament and behavioral traits that are unique to the breed. Therefore, if we buy a Poodle, we know we are getting a playful, gentle animal that loves its owners and people in general. Then again, there is the Pit Bull, which is an aggressive dog, very prone to attack if the animal perceives a threat like children, other dogs or even its owner. They have proven to be dangerous , and several municipalities have laws to control their hostility e.g. some require that the dog always wear a muzzle when outside the home of the owner.

BulldogWhat is all this leading up to? I am thinking about the media and what has transpired over the years in breeding. In the 1930’s and 40’s, president Roosevelt was shielded from any shame or ridicule because he had leg braces, owing to his suffering through a battle with dreaded polio disease. He probably had a torrid love affair and mini-strokes that would have made for a feeding frenzy by today’s media. Likewise, president Kennedy, probably suffered with life-threatening Addison’s Disease, had many peccadilloes, and was a womanizer who put Bill Clinton to shame, and this is only a tiny window to his moral shortcomings.

The Pit Bull media of today, attacks with a viciousness common to the breed. Princess Diana would probably be alive if she was not pursued by the pack, and sad to say, but these human descendants of the wolf have changed the course of history by bringing the downfall of many worthy and innocent people.

I do not imply that life would be better if we lived in a Pollyanna world and all evil be swept under the rug. No, not at all!

I only propose that the aggressors among the breed of press animals, be compelled to wear a muzzle.

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