Getting stopped by a police officer for speeding doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get written up. Those with the skill and know-how to talk or act their way out of a ticket have saved themselves a lot of money over the years. Rule No. 1, of course, is being polite to the officer. No need to antagonize someone who’s in a position to set you back hundreds of dollars.

When it comes to trying to get out of a ticket, some people really know how to get creative. Carrol relays a story of a woman who carries a camera in her car, purely as a prop to show cops, as she tells them she’s rushing to the hospital to meet her pregnant sister, for whom she promised to take pictures during delivery.

Then there’s the guy who always drives around with a full water bottle. Anytime he’s pulled over, he pours a little out onto his lap, and then tells the approaching officer he’s been trying to rush home ahead of a bladder emergency. “He always gets out of tickets,” Carrol says.

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