POOCHES IN S. FLA. LAPPING UP LUXURY…From diamond necklaces to happy hour, many South Floridians admit to spoiling their pets as they would their children.

Excerpt from an article by Nicole White for the Miami Herald

South Florida’s humans, and much of the nation, are in the throes of a love affair with their dogs, who now outnumber newborn babies 14 to one in Miami-Dade County.

There are birthday parties and ‘bark” mitzvahs that are meticulously planned, replete with three-tiered cakes, kosher paté, party hats and favors, fine linens, candlelight, crystal dishes and soft music

Even personalized wine labels for a preferred pooch, as advertised in the latest issue of Modern Dog.

There are trips to the spa, doggie daycare, layers of health insurance, designer clothing, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Juicy Couture bags, pastel-colored strollers, Italian leather beds, playpens, organic foods.

This year, Americans will spend $38 billion on their pets, more than double the $17 billion spent a decade ago, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturing Association. Nearly six million Americans throw a soiree for their favorite cat, dog, fish or tarantula each year.

“‘Our dogs have increasingly become an extension of ourselves,” said Bob Vetere, president of the American Pet Products Manufacturing Association.

”I have been to a dog wedding where one dog had a tuxedo, the other a wedding dress. It was hysterical, but quite an innovative way for pets and owners to get together,” Vetere said.


O.K….How about having a Bris for male dogs?

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